Regional Vice President

Vice President
Group/Division/Type: Consumer - Retail

United States

Interviewed: September 2020

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This was a 3 round interview process. A recruiter reached out that they were hiring for a VP of sales role in Pennsylvania. The first round was a phone screen/interview with a recruiter from the company where they are basically selling you on the role, and getting a sense of whether you would fit within the company given your previous experience. I made it through the first round and then someone reached out to me later about setting up a 1 on 1 Zoom interview with one the VPs of the sales team. That interview was more to assess your sales skills and if you had the hunting mentality to be successful in the position. One of the question’s was how much money do you make now and how much do you want to make here? They outline the comp structure and are basically assessing whether you’ll be a good culture fit. My sense is that the culture is super competitive and cutthroat and that they’ll cut you in a second if you’re not performing. I made it to the 3rd round which consisted of being flown out to SF for 2 days, and it was 4 hours of successive interviews with various people in the company. Again, it was more to assess your ability to fit in and will you drink the Fisher Kool-Aid. If you’re hungry and willing to work like a dog you can make gobs of money at Fisher, but be prepared to sell your soul for the almighty dollar

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