Google Interview Data

24 total interview insight submissions

Yearsort ascending Position Location Group/Division Experience Difficulty
2019 Engineer Dublin Other Positive Average
2019 Intern San Francisco Strategy Positive Difficult
2018 Intern Mountain View Other Positive Average
2018 Intern Stony Brook Software Neutral Average
2018 Intern Mountain View Software Neutral Average
2017 N/A San Diego Business Development Positive Average
2017 Engineer New York, NY, USA Software Very Positive Difficult
2017 1st Year Analyst San Francisco N/A Neutral Easy
2017 1st Year Analyst Mountain View N/A Positive Difficult
2016 Intern New York Software Positive Difficult
2016 mountain view Information Technology (IT) Positive Very Difficult
2016 Summer Associate Intern Portland Mergers and Acquisitions Positive Average
2015 1st Year Analyst Mountain View Venture Capital Positive Difficult
2014 3rd+ Year Analyst San Francisco Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Positive Average
2014 Intern Mountain View Other Positive Average
2014 Engineer Mountain View N/A Positive Difficult
2014 Intern Mountain View Marketing Positive Difficult
2014 1st Year Associate Mountain VIew Mergers and Acquisitions Neutral Difficult
2014 Engineer Mountain View Software Very Positive Average
2013 Intern Singapore LCS Very Positive Difficult
2012 Other Menlo Park Wildfire, Division of Google Very Positive Difficult
2011 3rd+ Year Associate Mountain View Corporate Development Negative Difficult
2010 Mountain View Legal Positive Difficult
2009 1st Year Associate Mountain View Large Customer Sales Very Positive Difficult