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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2013 1st Year Associate Dallas Valuation -Great work/life balance
-Small team allows regular…
-Comp is slightly lower than Big 4
-Bonuses are…
2020 Accountant Houston Tax authentic people
provide support to people just…
low salary
not big 4
slower start to career…
2017 1st Year Analyst Dallas Valuation Diverse workforce with strong, supportive culture between… Depending on the group, long hours for very little…
2020 Summer Associate Intern Melbourne Generalist I had a positive experience interning at grant thronton, it… The pay is not as good compared to the other consulting…
2020 Intern Salt Lake City Consumer - Retail I was given a lot of freedom to innovate processes and… I missed some of the bigger industry exposure as GT in SLC…
2020 2nd Year Associate Chicago Generalist Nice people, relaxed culture, good work/life balance. The… Interesting projects are few and far between, the quality…
2019 Intern Shanghai Transaction Advisory Services Great environment - everybody was super helpful and… Hours are really long and the work can get boring and…
2019 Senior Consultant Stamford Mergers and Acquisitions Decent work life balance based on group/team. FTO if you… Hours dependent on team. Depending on the group you’re in…
2019 Intern Delhi Generalist One of the things I enjoyed in particular was good employee… I wish the kind of work I did as an intern varied more,…
2019 Intern Houston Oil & Gas The work environment is very relaxed and the expectations… Actual work is very tedious and boring. There was little…
2019 1st Year Analyst Athens Generalist Good people easy interview very good for undergraduate… Very bad state of the Greek market and lack of meaningful…
2019 Intern New Delhi Consulting I was constantly occupied with work and never had a moment… i was assigned a supercoach but never even got the chance…
2018 Intern Poznań Due Diligence Easy job, even without prior knowledge;
Support of…
Extremely low pay;
Hard to get ambitious tasks, 90%…
2019 1st Year Analyst Boston Generalist As long as you work enough billable hours and have high… High turnover, Investment Banking hours during the 4 months…
2019 2nd Year Analyst Sydney Mergers and Acquisitions Great team and culture. Put a lot of effort into training… Very small team with little deal flow if a partner is away…
2018 1st Year Analyst Boston Valuation Flexible time off. Can work from home. Good work/life… Long hours in busy season, poor work/life balance. Pay is…
2019 Intern Bangalore Tax - Great Team
- Supportive seniors
- Transport…
- Managing class and work
- Late hours sometimes…
2019 1st Year Analyst boston Generalist Laid back work environment, work from home days, a lot of… Long work hours during the busy season; no bonus. Main part…
2018 1st Year Analyst Chicago Generalist The company provides good benefits and overall a strong… Cons-pay is not up to far with market. Also, first year can…
2018 1st Year Analyst chicago Transaction Advisory Services Good work life balance, rarely long hours, very good… pay is standard for the industry, but as you move higher up…
2018 1st Year Analyst New York N/A - Good flexibilty
- Great coworkers
- Great…
- Unlimited time off makes people not want to take time off…
2017 1st Year Analyst Boston Valuation - Great learning opportunities
- Lots of…
- Low pay for the hours worked
- No homogeneity of…
2017 Intern London Generalist Hours were very good, rarely in beyond 7
Culture was…
Pay was reasonable for internship and in line with industry…
2018 1st Year Associate Charlotte Transaction Advisory Services Enjoyed it and the experience was really good. You’ll see a… The work is pretty tough and less rewarding since it’s…


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