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Summer Associate Intern at
April 2014
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General Interview Information

Accepted Offer
Interview Source
Employee Referral
Length of Process
2-3 months

Interview Details

What did the interview consist of?
1 on 1 Interview
Group Interview
Skills Test
Personality Test
Drug Test
Background Check
Please describe the interview / hiring process.
I met a managing director at a networking event and exchanged business cards. I followed up and was invited in for an interview about 2 months after my initial meeting. The first interview was a 3-on-1 interview with mostly behavioral/personality questions. I sat down with an entry level analyst, a managing director and an office manager. The second interview was about two weeks later and consisted of 2 separate 3-on-1 interview with various managing directors and analysts. This interview was more technically intensive but still consisted of mostly behavioral/personality questions. I was asked surface level questions about direct and relative valuation.
In general, the culture at HFF is extremely professional. The employees do not mess around when they are at work and take their jobs very seriously. Anybody working or interviewing at HFF needs to check their ego at the door and be a team player and work extremely hard. HFF aims to be the best at what they do so they will only recruit and hire the best to work for them
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Associate (Vice President)
Goldman Sachs, CHICAGO, 2016
Trader (Vice President)
HSBC, New York, 2022
Vp (Vice President)
Morgan Stanley, New York, 2021
Vp (Vice President)
Morgan Stanley, New York, 2021
Quantitative Strategist (Vice President)
Morgan Stanley, NA, 2020

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