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IMC financial markets is one of the world's leading proprietary trading firms and a key market maker in various products listed on exchanges throughout the world.

In general, our main strategies can be grouped into:

Market Making or liquidity providing
Algorithmic arbitrage
Statistical arbitrage

All of our strategies are proprietary and within IMC financial markets we do not have any external clients. All of our strategies have a short-term focus and are considered as 'high frequency trading'.

Our success is based on a unique combination of talents and technology, with interaction between specialists such as traders, quants, IT specialists, and business analysts. This enables us to:

continuously improve existing strategies, infrastructure, algorithms and software
create the new strategies necessary to stay ahead of our competition.
All our most important trading systems and software are developed in-house. This includes real time market risk management tools that can be used in every market, as well as models that closely monitor our exposure to the various risks.


WTC, D-Tower 3rd floor Strawinskylaan 377
1077 XX Amsterdam
Phone: +3120-7988400
Fax: +3120-7988444