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Yearsort ascending Status Position City Group / Division / Type Overall Experience Difficulty
2017 Intern intern Amsterdam Trading Neutral Average
2017 1st Year Analyst Software Engineer Chicago Software Very Positive Average
2017 Intern Intern Chicago N/A Neutral Average
2017 Junior trader Amsterdam Prop Trading Positive Difficult
2017 Intern Trader Intern Sydney Trading Neutral Difficult
2017 Intern Trading intern Amsterdam Prop Trading Very Positive Average
2016 1st Year Analyst Trader Chicago N/A Neutral Average
2016 Junior Trader Junior Trader Amsterdam Prop Trading Very Positive Difficult
2016 Trader Trader Amsterdam Prop Trading Positive Difficult
2016 3rd+ Year Analyst Performance Analyst Amsterdam Performance Improvement Positive Difficult
2015 Intern Trading Intern Chicago Prop Trading Positive Difficult
2015 Intern Trader Intern Chicago Prop Trading Negative Difficult
2014 Intern Trading Intern Chicago Trading Neutral Difficult
2014 Intern Trading Intern Chicago N/A Neutral Average
2014 Junior Trader Junior trader Chicago N/A Negative Difficult
2013 Intern Trading Internship Chicago Positive Average
2013 Intern Trading Intern Chicago Prop Trading Neutral Difficult
2012 Intern Trader Intern Chicago Neutral Average
2011 Intern Summer Trading Intern Chicago Positive Difficult
2011 Intern Trading Intern Chicago Very Positive Difficult
2011 Trader Trader Chicago Trading Neutral Very Difficult

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1. Trading Intern Interview

Process Description

I submitted my resume through campus recruitment. I heard back from IMC approximately one week later via email, asking me to sign up for a 45 minute time slot later that week. Had the interview with an HR member and a trading associate. They were both fairly friendly, though the HR staff seemed a bit more uptight than the trader. No pressure or stress, just a conversation. Both seemed intelligent and knowledgeable.

Sample Interview Question at IMC Financial Markets:

First question was the typical "Tell me about yourself." Try to include things that are less conventional.

2. Intern Interview

Process Description

Was met by two recruiters on campus. Both were HR. I applied online via a site specially for my university.

IMC Financial Markets Interview Question Example:

On the superday there was a round specifically for probability, which I very much struggled with.

3. Junior trader Interview

Process Description

Woman from HR reached out to me. Asked me to take on online assessment. Basically a speed race to read charts and use your calculator as quickly as possible. Then a sequence test with various shapes. Seems like a ridiculous way to weed out candidates..many other prop firms do brain teasers/mental math to see your thought process.

IMC Financial Markets Sample Interview Question:

Chart reading involving summing columns and dividing; basic stuff like you would see on the ACT Science section--get to use a calculator; no intelligence req'd

4. Trader Interview

Process Description

Very intense, lots of interviews, lots of IQ tests, happy hour to meet with traders, 8 hours of interviews for superday

IMC Financial Markets Interviews:

gamma hedging questions, options theory all of which i didn't know. know how to do mental math, this is very very key!

5. Trading Intern Interview

Process Description

First round: one very general on campus interview for fit On-site: several tests and interviews over the course of the day, including mental math test, logic test, group trading interview session, finance interview, MATLAB interview, and brainteaser interview The full-day interview was fairly well organized, including participation in the company happy hour afterwards. Overall a very fun experience.

IMC Financial Markets Interview Question Example:

n a country in which people only want boys every family continues to have children until they have a boy. If they have a girl, they have another child. If they have a boy, they stop.