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Founded in early 2010, the professionals of Integrity Square recognized a need for a new kind of advisory firm. As passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned executives begin to consider who they want to partner with to grow their business, they are seeking a Trusted Advisor to assist them in finding the right sources of capital. They have all heard the war stories of hedge funds and equity firms abandoning their management teams and taking companies into bankruptcy. They recognize that trying to navigate a capital raise in a market with over 1,000 equity sources is a daunting maze. Entrepreneurs and executives who have invested blood, sweat and tears in their business want straight advice and a firm they can rely on.

Integrity Square was founded with the mission to partner with great companies & executives who want guidance in finding not only fair market terms for growth equity, but want to like and trust the financial partners they take into their company. Most of the principals at Integrity Square have owned small businesses and know what it is like to sell a percentage of their business to a stranger. They also have an obligation to their loyal employees and families to make the right decision. We are here to help – we do not "sell" companies on working with us. We tell you exactly what we think we can achieve and deliver on our promises.



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