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K1 is a West Coast-based venture capital firm investing in high-growth private companies across North America. We seek to help dynamic businesses achieve successful outcomes by identifying and executing organic and acquisition-based growth opportunities that can position our companies as industry leaders. Our team members have been investing in software companies for over 20 years.

We typically invest alongside strong management teams that continue to guide their organizations on a day-to-day basis. As partners, we seek to provide meaningful strategic and financial support to help our companies reach their full potential. Our investments vary in the level of ownership in order to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and managers. We provide a broad range of transformative, consultative services to our portfolio companies.

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K1 Capital Interview Questions

Job Title
Student / Prospective Monkey
Year 2019
Job Title Student / Prospective Monkey
Group/Division Mergers and Acquisitions
Location Los Angeles
Experience Positive
Difficulty Average
Year 2019
Job Title N/A
Group/Division N/A
Location Los Angeles
Experience Neutral
Difficulty Average