KPMG Interview Data

219 total interview insight submissions

Year Position Location Group/Division Experience Difficulty
2019 Intern Manhattan N/A Positive Very Easy
2020 Intern Paris Financial Institutions Group (FIG) Negative Average
2018 Manager London Corporate Finance Positive Easy
2020 Intern Shenzhen Shi Other Very Positive Average
2020 Auditor Audit Very Positive Very Easy
2020 Student / Prospective Monkey Boston Audit Neutral Easy
2017 1st Year Associate Washington Advisory Neutral Average
2016 Intern Mergers and Acquisitions Positive Average
2017 1st Year Associate new york Advisory Very Positive Very Easy
2016 1st Year Analyst Johannesburg Audit Positive Easy
2020 1st Year Associate detroit N/A Very Positive Very Easy
2019 Intern Moscow Operations Positive Average
2019 Intern San Francisco Valuation Neutral Easy
2020 Intern Düsseldorf Transaction Advisory Services Very Positive Easy
2020 Intern New York Generalist Very Positive Easy
2015 1st Year Analyst New York Generalist Positive Very Difficult
2019 1st Year Analyst London Mergers and Acquisitions Positive Easy
2019 Intern Toronto Tax Positive Easy
2012 Intern Los Angeles Finance Positive Average
2018 Associate Consultant Cleveland Risk Neutral Average
2020 Intern Lima Equity Research Positive Average
2017 2nd Year Associate New York Generalist Very Positive Very Easy
2018 Intern McLean Risk Management Neutral Easy
2019 Senior Consultant San Francisco Consulting Neutral Difficult