Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor
Group/Division/Type: Wealth Management

Los Angeles, CA
United States

Interviewed: March 2016

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Less than 1 month

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The hiring process was timely. After I submitted my application online I was called back by HR within a week to schedule my first round of interview with the person in charge of the program at my local office. That conversation was relatively easy, mostly focused on my background and going over my CV. Then I was scheduled to take the Gallup test over the phone, which is basically a 1-1.5 hour personality test. Some of the questions would leave you wondering, but 70% of the questions are pretty straight forward. Before I met the complex director for a final interview I was again interviewed by several superiors over the phone as a conference interview. They proposed some specific situations to test my on the spot reaction skills, and my ethics for the job. They also asked some pretty hard questions that specifically tailored to my asset gathering method and pipeline building process. Eventually after passing all those rounds of interviews, I was met with the complex director, had a 30 minutes discussion going over some of my past achievements followed by more questions on my motivation, people skills, and pipeline building procedures, I was offered the job.
Overall I'd rate it as moderate. As long as you have a solid business plan in your mind prior to walking in there, you'll be fine.
The DTLA office however, is not recommended. There has been major leadership shuffling for the past decade. Directors come and leave, averaging only about 2 years on the post. Over my short time of employment there (about 1 year), I've seen someone leave every month. Most of the best people I've worked with decided or already left by the time I left. Management is not very supportive, and a certain VP can make the entire employment experience there as hellish as possible for you if you ever got on his wrong side. Also there was very little comradery as most co workers seemed aloof and oblivion to anything or anyone outside of their responsibility. Don't expect too much help from those people. They're clearly not there to help you. You're on your own from day one.

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