Research Analyst

Research Analyst
Group/Division/Type: Equity Research

Venice, FL
United States

Interviewed: October 2013

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No Offer

Interview Source

Applied Online

Length of Process

6-9 months

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Group Interview
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Spring 2013 - Applied by email
August 2013 - Contacted by email for first phone interview - 1 on 1. Primarily focused on basic market concepts (relative strength, implied v. realized volatility, etc.) After this, they arranged for me to take The Language-Free Programmer/Analyst Aptitude Test (LPAT) at local university
September 2013 - Second phone interview with 4 people
October 2013 - In person interview: Flew to Venice the night before. Night before interview, went to dinner with department head, 2 other senior people in department.
Day of interview: Multiple sessions
Interview with HR: Nothing extraordinary; the HR manager picked me up from the hotel, and we mostly discussed my education
Panel Test: 45 minutes to review questions and prepare answers; questions included fundamental analysis, technical analysis (chart reading), macroeconomic analysis, and a couple brain teasers thrown in for fun
Panel Review: 90 minute group interview going over the answers to the questions
After this was several one-on-one interviews with various staff members; focused on cultural fit more than technical stuff.

Overall Impressions:
This seemed like a company with a relaxed culture (i.e., I was the only person I saw in a tie, much less a suit), but they definitely gave an impression of seriousness about their work. The staff seemed friendly to each other and to me, and my time there was planned and used well. It definitely had a small-town vibe, but this did not seem oppressive. About the only reservation I would have had about working there was the location; I have no great desire to live in Southwest Florida, but if you want to work somewhere doing serious work without all the drawbacks of a big city, this seems like a great place to work.

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