Noble Financial Capital Markets

Annual Revenue Estimate: $5m+

AUM: $300m-$499m

Email Convention: NA


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Company Details

Bold Ideas and Integrity. Our equity research team is dedicated to uncover the sublime, emerging, small-cap company and to challenge conventional wisdom of the under-followed, unloved, or out-of-favor stock. Our bold investment ideas are backed by experienced, seasoned, professional analysts, with top industry and peer group accreditations for stock picking and earnings estimates. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on independent research and aspire to the highest standards of ethics and integrity of our research driven product. Ideas. Experience. Integrity. These are the hallmarks that make us different; that make us Noble.

Our strategy is simple: know our product...understand our client's needs...and work diligently to put the two together. Noble's Institutional Equity Sales & Sales Trading teams are highly experienced veterans of Wall Street. We are dedicated to providing strategic insight and reliable solutions to nearly 500 of the dominant small-cap money managers in North America by offering:

* Timely communication of value-added information

* Immediate access to key buy-side decision makers

* Reliable, accurate and discreet trade execution

* Consistent market-making liquidity provision

* Corporate brand visibility via targeted equity conferences

At Noble Financial, our bankers have a singular focus: provide value for emerging growth companies. This could be through an M & A advisory agreement, a fairness opinion, a valuation report, or most often as agent for a capital-raise. How it's raised and where it comes from is when experience and expertise are applied. We're a tenacious and innovative group. Solutions may not be obvious. But they're there. Communication and flawless execution gets results. The kind of results that are inline with client expectations



St. Louis

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1099 Milwaukee Street, St. Louis, MO, 63122 , United States



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160 Federal Street, 21st Floor , Boston, MA, 02110 , United States


Boca Raton

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951 Yamato Road , Boca Raton , FL, 33431 , United States


Fair Haven

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756 River Road , Fair Haven, NJ, 07704 , United States


New York

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28 West 44th Street , New York, NY, 10036 , United States


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