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Base range: $26,000 - $135,000

For this salary and bonus range, Low is the 10th Percentile and High is the 90th Percentile. These ranges are from employer specific salaries submitted by WSO members.

Bonus range: $1,000 - $5,000

Yearsort ascending Position Location Group/Division Pay Rate/Type Bonus
2018 Intern Washington Government - Federal
2018 Other New York Government - Federal
2018 Intern San Francisco Risk Management
2018 Vice President New York Generalist
2017 Other New York Government - Federal
2015 Other Minneapolis Government - Federal
2013 Intern Washington Risk
2013 Intern Washington LBS
2013 Intern Washington Banking Supervision


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The blue bars below represent the minimum and maximum base salary for each position.

If salary is over $300k, we still show the max # but cap the length of the blue bar not to throw off the scale for the other positions.

The dark blue line within each bar represents the average salary for that position. The green line within each bar represents the median salary for that position. You can get the exact average and median by hovering over any bar

For interns and other positions that are paid hourly, weekly or monthly, we have annualized their base salary for easy comparison based on a 40 hour work week and 50 weeks worked per year.

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