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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 1st Year Associate Boston Generalist Really great people, with a ton of exposure to private… EY is hurting Parthenon, both the associate / overall…
2021 Associate Consultant new york Healthcare when you are staffed on a project, you get worked hard. But… The pay is good, but you can definitely feel overwhelmed by…
2021 2nd Year Associate Chicago Mergers and Acquisitions Really cool projects if you're doing diligence, value… Definitely need to do a lot of networking to make sure you…
2021 Engagement Manager Dallas Generalist Great mix of projects, team dynamics, exposure to clients… Long hours, travel can be very burdensome at times,…
2021 2nd Year Associate London Generalist - Clever people
- Lots of learning (steep learning…
- Terrible hours
- Recent merger with advisory…
2017 1st Year Associate Chicago Generalist - Fun culture: true of most offices, but especially Chicago… - Work-life balance: Back in 2017 it was pretty good, but…
2020 Senior Consultant Houston Mergers and Acquisitions Strong support system for employees and easy to grow your… Your work life balance will not be respected. Expect to…
2017 1st Year Associate Management Consulting - Used to be a great culture
- A lot of travel (…
- Culture is changing due to integration with EY
2020 Summer Associate Intern New York Consulting Great people
Good mentorship
Hours are a lot, but is made up for with limited travel…
2016 1st Year Analyst Dallas Generalist Great and smart team, working with brand name clients on a… Work types were a bit boring or repetitive at times, being…
2020 1st Year Associate Los Angeles Generalist Great culture, great pay. Interesting projects and people… Limited agency in what cases you are placed on. Bonus…
2020 Summer Associate Intern San Francisco Generalist Recruitment process was enjoyable. The people I met were… They haven't been very communicative during this covid…
2019 2nd Year Associate San Francisco Due Diligence Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool… Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool Very cool…
2019 Summer Associate Intern New York Mergers and Acquisitions The culture was great. Easy access to senior management.… I rotated in various verticals along with doing working on…
2019 Summer Associate Intern Chicago Mergers and Acquisitions 1. Easy work
2. Respectful coworkers
3. I was…
1. Long hours
2. No real strategy or operations work…
2019 1st Year Associate Madrid, Spain Strategy Great culture
Kind of projects
Compensation and hours at the office
No possibility…
2019 1st Year Associate Washington Mergers and Acquisitions Previously EY OTS. EY changed OTS name to Parthenon - M… Mostly focusing on operational and implementation work.…
2017 Intern Boston Generalist great people and interesting projects across practice areas… 2-3 diligence projects can put a strain on work-life…
2018 1st Year Analyst Mumbai Generalist Great people. Lot of travel. Good pay. I enjoyed my time… Only education and DD work. Merger with EY has influenced…
2019 3rd+ Year Associate Chicago Generalist Culture, flexibility of work life balance, exposure to pure… Difficulty of getting on specific project types (by…
2018 Summer Associate Intern Boston Generalist Good job of keeping employees happy with good culture. Nice… Work life balance can be tough and hours are long. Lot of…
2018 2nd Year Associate Melbourne Generalist Fantastic, very informal people that help each other… Low remuneration compared to competitors
2018 1st Year Analyst London Management Consulting Excellent environment, friendly people, management that… the integration of the two firms hasn't gone smoothly…
2019 1st Year Analyst Boston Generalist Seems like an amazing group of people with a fun and young… From what I've heard and seen, the hours can be high…


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