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New York, NY
United States

Interviewed: June 2011

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Met a principal at a conference and he was impressed. I think they typically (at least in NYC) prefer to meet people in person at events to do the "sniff test" then follow with a phone screen.

Phone interview was behavioral...tell me about yourself, past experience, career progression, etc. Nothing technical.

In person interview: Met with 5 or 6 team members in NYC and phone call with a senior guy in Switzerland. I had prior IB/PE experience so they weren't overly technical with me (I imagine if you don't have a strong IB/PE background, they'll drill you on techs). Had about 30 minutes to read a case study on a company and put together a quick presentation with a high level valuation...not too difficult and think they were just seeing how quickly you can think under pressure, synthesize info and present a clear, consise analysis/recommendation.

I cannot stress this enough....because I had the typical 2+2+MBA, they didn't drill me on technical skills. If you don't have that quant background, I would brush up on valuation (typical IB type questions) as well as evaluating businesses overall.

People seemed smart but fairly down-to-earth. I don't know exact compensation but they did stress during the interview process that while competetive, it is lower than their peers given their European roots, etc. Seemed like a great experience, nice work environment but you give up a little on the prestige and comp (though better hours)

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