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Group/Division/Type: Trading

City: Stamford, United States

Interviewed: May 2020

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College / University / On Campus Recruiting

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Less than 1 month

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the interview process was entirely remote. The first round interview consisted of a pre-recorded interview hosted by HireVue and an aptitude test through CorrelationOne. The aptitude test was very difficult. The questions covered accounting, statistics, and finance. The HireVue interview was 3 questions with the first being given at the start of the interview. The other 2 questions were provided ahead of time. Those questions are as followed: (1) What is something you learned recently that you found fascinating? (2) Company A sells paper coffee cups to all Caribou Coffee locations in the US. Company B sells dinner plates to Applebee’s. Company A charges $1 for a pack of 100 cups and Company B charges $3 for 1 dinner plate. Tell us exactly what information you would need to determine whether Company A or Company B has higher annual revenue and explain how you would calculate these two figures. (3) What is one industry you think will be gone in 15 years? Answer the question using the following guidelines: (a) Identify at least one company in this industry and explain why their business will not succeed over time (b) How will consumers of this product/service evolve? (c) How will the competitive landscape evolve and in what time frame? (d) What, if anything, could the industry do to prevent becoming obsolete?

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