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Year Position Location Group/Division Overall
2020 Intern Newark Portfolio Management The culture here is very relaxed and the people are… The only con I can really think of is that the headquarters…
2019 Incoming Analyst Paramus N/A Great company and benefits as full-time employee,… Minimal training for new advisers, have to pay for your own…
2019 2nd Year Associate Newark Insurance Great work/life balance, friendly and smart coworkers who… Slow to change, high inertia especially as it relates to…
2019 Manager Newark Insurance Very good pay.
4% 401K match; dollar for dollar.…
Since it's finance, work can make you go home later…
2018 Financial Representative Charlotte N/A I was recruited by Pru to bring over a small book of… I felt the fee structure for the clients was not…
2018 1st Year Analyst London Investment Research Great Culture and low hours worked. A lot of responsibility… Lack of training for new graduates. Much of the job is…
2018 3rd+ Year Associate Newark Investments Quality of colleagues, good work life balance, good… Big company results in slow decision making process,…
2017 Intern hong kong Other Excellent exposure, great managers, nice pantry and nice… Not too much to comment. Maybe it is the duration of the…
2017 3rd+ Year Analyst Newark Investments Overall good work environment. No real face time required… Limited growth opportunities. Recruiting process is very…
2018 1st Year Analyst Newark Debt Capital Markets People oriented company that wants to help you grow as a… Non exciting position without much room to grow. Back end…
2018 Intern Newark Corporate Finance Great company with strong training program and positive… Location in Newark was not ideal. Though the office was…
2018 Intern London Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) Culture is great.
Work life balance is good, they…
Not as fast paced as i would've liked
2017 Accountant Newark Operations Great company culture, work life balance, benefits, and a… The salary could be more competitive but the overall…
2018 Other Newark Operations Overall, I really like working for Prudential/PGIM. It is a… I am not too satisfied with my current role and the work…
2018 3rd+ Year Analyst Newark Insurance Good work/life balance
Generous study program…
Location is terrible (Newark)
Work can be boring…
2012 N/A London Insurance Really good work-life balance, knowledgeable staff,… None whatsoever, I had a great exposure to a new industry…
2017 1st Year Analyst newark Investments The pros in the happiness from the job is the low hours… The cons or sadness is the lower pay than usual that could…
2016 3rd+ Year Analyst Newark Research Good work life balance. Very collaborative culture and… Generally not a competitive company to work at. Very few…
2017 Intern New York Generalist The pros of this internship were helpful and friendly peer… The cons was the lack of a competitive pay and a lot of the…
2017 Intern Newark Generalist The pros were that everyone was very down to earth and… The cons were that the work was not very exciting. The work…
2016 Intern Hong Kong Other it's a great company in insurance industry and you… Uncompetitive salary and medical benefits
2016 Prudential Newark Sales Great company household name. Strong balance sheet. Good… High turnover, low pay, lack of employee engagement.…
2016 Intern Newark Risk Management Friendly people willing to help teach and accommodate for… Slow work days, ambiguous projects. Work was often done…
2015 Intern Newark Credit Great summer internship with a lot of valuable experience.… they will not extend an offer in credit at the end of the…


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