Summer Analyst

Group/Division/Type: Investment Banking

New York, NY 10011
United States

Interviewed: August 2015

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1-2 months

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Phone Interview
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A friend of mine at a BB referred me to Sunrise saying Sunrise is in need of a couple interns to staff the deals they have going on. Sunrise has always trusted a staffing agency to bring on interns, and my friend put me in contact with this agency. The first contacts I had with Sunrise were all through the agency via email, and two weeks after initiation of conversation the agency decided to put me through an interview with the company.

The interview was a phone interview for about 25 minutes. They offered to fly me to their office in NYC but I was in my last internship in Chicago so I declined and opted for a phone interview. An associate (and the only one left at the time) interviewed me, asked me some commonplace fit questions. Then when I asked her a couple of questions, she got really honest and told me the understaffing situation at Sunrise. I really appreciated her honesty and it really helped me pivot my expectations of the hours and what I can get out of the internship at Sunrise.

Because they offered to fly me in and I declined, we did not have another 2-round interview and they offered me the position about two days after the interview.

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