Equities Prop Trader

Group/Division/Type: Prop Trading

New York, NY
United States

Interviewed: February 2013

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No Offer

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College / University / On Campus Recruiting

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Less than 1 month

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1 on 1 Interview
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Initially received an email regarding being asked to come in for an interview. Stated that there would be an exam that all interviewees would take (turned out to be a written exam with brainteasers, some questions on the indices and math problems). Emailed the firm back and was promptly scheduled for an in person interview and the test which was to be taken before speaking with another trader there (who also happened to be a recruiter as well). Arrived to the front desk and waited a couple of minutes with another person waiting to be interviewed and then a few minutes later, the recruiter comes out (casually clothed as were most people at the firm). There was no special room to be interviewed in; we were basically being interviewed right where people were working. Didn't seem like a good environment: it was dark, gloomy, and I've already heard a bunch of people there were struggling to make profits. Sat down and took the exam (only had 15 minutes to complete it) and it was pretty difficult given the time restraint (no calculators or anything). After the exam, she proceeded to ask me a couple of basic questions. Nothing too hard unexpected. Later on received a formal decline for the position, but mentioned that there was a program where I can pay to learn how to trade under another trader (seems like they were desperate for money). Anyways, I'm glad I didn't even get an offer because I wouldn't have taken it anyway. It's prop trading and you have to set aside nominal risk capital of your own. I believe it's around 7500-10000 down. No base salary, so definitely a no-no for someone just coming out of college with debt, let alone 10000 disposable income to put down in a prop trading gig.

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