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Founded in 1982, The Sterling Group is a private equity investment firm defined by its focused expertise, depth of experience, operational strategy, and approach to partnering with management. We specialize in what we know best: acquiring and increasing the value of middle-market operating businesses in the fields of basic manufacturing, industrial services, and distribution.

Our Partners have a combined 100 years at Sterling. Their business experience encompasses management, operations, public accounting, commercial and investment banking, and securities law. We believe that the primary driver of returns in a portfolio company is implementing strategic and operational initiatives that enhance value. We support management to identify and implement such initiatives. Starting in the early 1980's, Sterling was a pioneer in the concept of "partnering with management." This remains the key to our strategy and is accomplished by providing incentive to and supporting strong management teams.


Nine Greenway Plaza, Suite 2400, 77046 TX
United States

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