Group/Division/Type: Markets

Austin, TX
United States

Interviewed: April 2013

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Less than 1 month

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1 on 1 Interview
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Interviewed with two groups, back to back. For the first group, the interviewers (Senior Director and Senior Analyst) were running late, so they interviewed 2-on-1 instead of 1-on-1. Standard fare "walk us through your resume", "elaborate on this experience". Surprisingly didn't have any questions about a time I worked on a team or a strength, it was more of a conversation about my past activities. They also asked for me to pitch a stock and defend it. Not technical at all. The second group (Public Markets) consisted of two 1-on-1 interviews with a Senior Director and Analyst. Both asked the same questions as the previous group. Received an offer from the Senior Director of the group I indicated as my first choice three weeks after my interview. Overall, very pleasant interview process.

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