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Interviewed: 2012

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Attended a college networking session with Vitol and was subsequently being called up after online resume and cover letter application.

HR contacted me through my mobile phone when I was in last semester of my college. Prepared the interview by reading up the company website and going through the company brochures that I had received during the networking session.

There were a total of 2 rounds of interviews. The first round was with the HR Manager. Interview questions were basically just simple background check, personality and skills test (e.g. internship experience, motivation to work in Vitol, and to become a trader). However, I began to fumble when I was asked about the Trader's name I spoke to during the networking session. I was never good in remembering people names and began to panic. Did not make it into the second round interview, but was told that it would be the final round with the Asia head or senior management.

Very competitive job as I was told that there were about hundreds of applicants for this 1 trading analyst position (not a graduate program). Traders in the company seems very talented and have a "out to win" mentality. While I was walking into the meeting room for my interview, manage to take a glimpse on the office and felt that the stress level within the company was quite intense.

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