How do I create or join a group and interact with my groups?

The groups on WSO allows members with a similar background or interest get together on their own message board and discuss topics and network. There are hundred of different groups created by WSO members, so we encourage you to search through our WSO Group section for groups that may interest you.

Creating a group is very simple. Hover over the "Groups" link on the top toolbar (under the WSO banner) until the dropdown menu appears. When it appears, select "Create New Group". Select the parameters you'd like, fill out the necessary information, hit "Save" and voila, you've got yourself a group.

To join a group all you have to do is click the "Groups" link on the top toolbar and scroll through the groups until you find one (or more) that interest you. If a group gives the option to "Join" under the Join Link column, then it is an open group and you do not need an invitation. For a moderated group, you'll see the option to "Request Membership". The groups that say "Invite Only" under the Join Link column are, surprise, invite only. You'll have to contact the administrator of that group to gain access. The Closed groups are invite only as well, but once you join that group only an administrator may grant you permission to LEAVE that group.

Viewing your groups is another simple task. Hover over the Groups link in the top toolbar, wait until the dropdown shows, then click "My Groups". Alternatively you can click on "My Account" and then click on the "View My Groups" button. From there you can create new discussions, reply to discussions and connect with other WSO users!

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