WSO offers its users the ability to quote, bookmark, and forward comments. All of these actions can be accomplished through the small icons you find at the bottom of each comment. The content below will tell you how to accomplish this:

  • To quote a comment in a discussion, click the small, tan button that looks like a call-out bubble at the bottom of a comment. Again, this will notify the user you are responding to that they have been quoted.
  • To quote the first post in a thread, look for the same icon at the bottom of the original post.
  • To forward a discussion via email to a friend, click the small white envelope in the bottom-middle of the comment. Thank you for spreading our content.
  • To share a discussion via social media, you can click the Facebook Like button next to the title. We also have social media pages on many sites which you can find by clicking the various icons under the logo in the header. Please visit us and join.
  • To bookmark a discussion click the small, tan bookmark symbol underneath the original poster's avatar. To undo a bookmark, click that same tan bookmark symbol. To view your bookmarks, click the "Recent" link on the top main navigation of the website, then you will see a tab called "My Bookmarks" where you will find any content you have bookmarked.

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