How do I reply to a discussion?

Under the last comment on every discussion there is a text box with "Post New Comment" in large letters above it. Write what you wish to write and then click the "Add Comment" button to contribute to the discussion! You also have the option to select whether or not to have notifications emailed to you in the event of a reply to your comment. For our more technologically advanced users, there is also an "Input" option, where you can select more formatting options. For example, if you want to embed a video, you would select "Full html" before clicking the "Add Comment" button so that the video or image displays properly.

Another way of replying is by clicking the "quote" button on a specific comment you'd like to reference in your reply. This will also notify the person you quoted that they have a response. See the Related link below form more information on how to quote a user's post.

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