How do I use the private messaging system?

The private messaging feature allows you to connect privately with other members of the WSO community. To access your messages, look in the very top left corner of the website. You will see an envelope with a number next to it. The number represents how many unread messages are currently in your private inbox.

Click the icon or the number and you will be brought to your private messages. You have the option to message one or multiple people at a time attach files and filter your message by sender and particpants.


  • Inbox: Your inbox is where your new messages and current private message conversations are located. It is ordered chronologically, from newest to oldest. There is an option to search the subjects of your private messages or to search for a person you've been communicating with under the "Filter Messages" option directly above the messages in your box. There are check boxes next to each message or conversation, if you click one or more of those and scoll down, you have the option to mark read, mark unread or delete the messages you've selected using the "Action" function.
  • Sent Messages: The tab directly to the right of your Inbox shows all the messages you have sent. It has the same features as the Inbox.
  • All Messages: This tab, to the right of "Sent Messages", shows all the messages and communications you've had that you haven't deleted. It has all the same features as the inbox.
  • Write New Message: The furthest right tab allows you to create new messages. Just fill in who it is going to, the subject, the message, click send and you're done!

Alternative Methods

Another way to send a private message without going to your inbox is by clicking on a user's name to go to their profile. The middle button allows you to send that user a message, and you can add more recipients if you like. Or if you read a comment on the site and want to send that user a private message, you can click the small blue "pm" icon at the bottom of each comment.

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