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Click your username in the top right corner of the website to be taken to your profile. The page it takes you to is the "View" tab, which allows you to see what your profile looks like to other users on WSO. You profile contains tabs to all of the customizations available, and includes: View, Edit, Notifications, Track and Community.

  • View
    • Overview: The "View" option is automatically pulled up when you click on your username.
    • Features: This option allows you to see your profile as others do and get a snapshot of your status including the number of banana points and silver bananas you've collected.
    • View My Blog: This will take you to your blog posts. If you don't have a blog, feel free to try it out by clicking "Post New Blog Entry"
    • View My Groups: Any group you join will show up in your Groups.
  • Edit
    • Introduction: This tab takes you a variety of options that allows you to customize your WSO experience as discussed in previous FAQs.
  • Notifications
    • Overview: This shows you the status of your subscriptions and how many you currently have. You have multiple options including: administer your subscriptions, edit your notification settings, temporarily disable all your subscriptions, and cancel all your subscriptions
    • Subscriptions: Lists your current subscriptions with a number of options for editing them
    • Group: This shows your Group subscriptions and gives you options for if/how you'd like to receive them
  • Track
    • Track Posts: You can track your created threads and replies by selecting this option. Note that it is not in the chronological order of the threads you've commented on, but rather which thread that you've commented on has been replied to most recently by any user.
  • Community
    • Friends: Lists the members you are currently friends with - this ensures their posts will end up in your My Feed tab under the Recent navigation menu.
    • Sent: These are friend requests that were sent and are still pending.
    • Received: Requested friendships still pending.
    • Following: this page lists the users you are following. Any content created by a user you are following will show up under you My Feed table.
    • Follower: This page lists the users that are following you. Any content created by you will show up in their My Feed table.
    • Accepted: Lists the people who have accepted your invitation to WSO
    • Pending: These are people you've sent an invitation to join WSO, but have not yet responded. If the Status says Deleted, that means the user account has been terminated from WSO
    • Expired: If an invite is not accepted within 30 days, the invitation will expire
    • New Invitation: You can send someone an invitation here. The site will automatically fill in your email address, but it will let you create the Subject and Message you'd like to send

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