Late Recruiting Issues- Home stretch

I'm recruiting for 2023 SA for IB at a target school. I've exhausted most of my opportunities at working at any BB/EB. I have some late recruiting cycles left, but it's looking grim. I'm sure there are others in my exact position getting anxiety about the same shit.

If a lower BB doesn't work out, is it better to:

  1. Recruit at whatever lower MMs are left and try to lateral to a BB/EB next summer, although I don't know how probable this is.

  2. Go for prestige and try recruiting for Wealth management or something like that at a GS / MS / JPM type bank.

Definitely leaning towards option 1, but I have no insight on the lateral process and don't know what my odds would be, as well as how it would affect me in the longterm.

Btw, not a shit interviewer, just started pretty late and the recruiting timeline is actually fucked.

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Just recruit for MM. Don't just chase prestige - it's meaningless unless you want to do MF PE after.

My advice would be to go for a MM spot, do a great job and get a return offer. Then in the background keep in touch with your contacts at the better banks and see if they need bodies for FT. If so, you can interview. If not, stick with your MM offer and go into FT with an open mind. You may even realize you don't like banking and pivot to something else anyway.

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