Anyone care to take a quick look at my resume?

I have a completely non-traditional background. Came to the U.S at age 16, lived with relatives until age 19 and started doing odd jobs while trying to get myself in school. I have a very very long story but I graduated a year ago and all I have secured is an internship that is ending soon. I have applied to hundreds of places and only had one interview. I do believe that there maybe lots of things wrong with my resume, please share your feedback. Real name etc has been altered.

  1. Take off "Phone-". Just put the number.

  2. Put the dates you worked as a Taxi Driver. Also the font looks slightly bigger. Decrease that font to the same size as the others. Make the format the same (company above, position below), like the others.

  3. I think the city label for Delta Airlines is on the line above (New York, NY). The other city labels are on the same line, bring that down.

  4. Take that comma off after "French,"

Your resume just seems very 'middle of the pack'. Nothing really stands out except for the fact that you hustled your way through college. This internship seems like good experience. If they won't extend an offer, you better be busting your ass just to get a lead or recommendation from them. Even if you can't get anything and leave the internship without any new job in hand, this recommendation may be the thing that seals the deal on a new gig. You might have some luck with small shops and possibly just telling the PM or MD to call your current boss for feedback if needed.

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In addition to the above, yours is an example of a resume where an intro paragraph would be a huge help. I don't usually say that but it's really hard to see a "story" looking at the above. How this reads to me is: "average cumulative GPA, no clue what they want to do, and this person may or may not be 50 years old".

I'd remove the taxi experience altogether unless you are actually an older candidate and need to fill a large block of time pre-2012. I used to dress up as the bird at Red Robin and learned you really don't need every bit of work experience on your resume if it doesn't help tell your story.

I'd also figure out exactly what you want to do and highlight the relevant skills from your time at Delta and Stratfor. You may need multiple versions of your resume if you're applying for different types of roles and that is ok - just make sure you tell a logical story. E.g. if you're applying for FP&A roles make sure you stick to the relevant points for financial analysis.

What type of roles have you been applying for?

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