This Tweet Could Change the Internet As We Know It

Saw Andrew Tate was arrested with his brother. No matter what you think of the guys or their spat with Greta Thunberg yesterday, Greta's team can change the internet as we know it with one tweet.

For background: Andrew Tate is a controversial influencer who posts about his views on the world while boating about this wealth, looks, and his abilities in chess. Andrew tweeted Greta Thunberg (climate activist who can't be older than 14 or so) about having 33 cars and the emissions they have essentially saying "I don't care". She came back with a small dick energy tweet. He then posted a response video with a random pizza box. That pizza box led to him getting arrested because the police knew he was in Romania and didn't know that until they saw the location of the pizza spot in his video. 

The tweet: Given Tate's arrest and his background, Greta could end his whole career.

The tweet?


Comments (2)

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Infinite SBs here. Brilliant lad. 

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