ACCA F1: free study text online?

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Just wondering if there are any free resources online for the F1 ACCA exam? It's a really simple exam and so if I can bypass buying the study books I'd be happy to do that for this first exam. Is there anything reliable and free online that anyone here has used for this?

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Apr 13, 2012 - 11:53am

You're the guy who posted that tread about breaking into finance right?

F1 is VERY basic. I applied to do the ACCA to write F7 to get to grips with IFRS when I moved to Europe. I got exempted from F1 but read the syllabus anyway. Complete childsplay.

This is your friend

...hell dude just google "ACCA F1".

Good luck amigo!

edit: as this is an American site, you wont get many people able to help you with the ACCA. Try local British sites if you want more assistance.

May 8, 2012 - 10:42am

Hey there, I found a copy of the F2 Kaplan study book for 2012 examinations in the library and got through it pretty quickly, but still picked up couple of new things. Yes, simple stuff, but the ACCAs are a good addition to my knowledge and CV. Sitting exam in next couple of weeks and then it's round 2 :)

Yes it was me who posted about breaking into finance. I got accepted into Irish university programmes but there are better ones like in Rotterdam so I'm holding out.

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