Advice Needed: Breaking in FO from MO

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I was wondering if you could give me a bit of career advice. I'm currently based in London working for a top tier HF MO role. Previously, I was really fortunate to work for a top tier IB PC role across both NYC and LDN offices. Having worked in a MO role for 4 years after undergrad, I think I have seen thoroughly the operational side. I always know my true passion lies within the market side of things. I remembered vividly the most exciting part of my job is to explain or figuring out the what causes pnl go up and down when there is a big day which requires an understanding of the desks positions, market movement and accounting treatment, etc. Also, I have pursued a master in finance at a top school part time to further hone my technical knowledge ( also quite enjoy the learning experience) My question is how do I execute and get to the other side-> front office role I wanted. Positions I'm after are sales and trading, portfolio analyst, or research role. With a 4 year MO experience and finance master, how do I get there? Im tired of not getting any reply when people know you don't have any prior front office experience but at the same you know you have the skills and potential to succeed. So I would really appreciate a little ideas and brainstorming from you all.

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Jul 26, 2018