Advice on Engineering, Finance and Medicine

I have finished high school with top marks.
After a gap year I went on to study Biomedical Engineering, gaining a 1st class degree + awards/scholarships.

I have been working for 1 year as a mechanical engineer on some interesting projects in biotechnology/medical devices.
However, I am increasingly frustrated with my career: the salary is limited (34% growth / next 5 years), the social-status is average and the work is too hands-on.

a) I have failed to secure a position at an investment bank (IB), but have a job offer to do
risk/technology consulting. Reasonable salary growth (+100% / next 5 yrs.), more quantitative (I like maths/computing), might lead to risk or quant positions at an IB.

b) During my studies I have specialised in fluid mechanics and could see myself in Petroleum Engineering; fluency in Russian might also help. +115% salary growth / 5 yrs.

c) And then there is the option of taking an accelerated 4 year medical degree and eventually train to become a surgeon. Upside: on completion +150% salary growth / 5 yrs. (and more), status. Downside: still hands-on, cost of studying/not working, mature student/time lost/stigma.

Your opinion on which of the options sounds most reasonable would be much appreciated.

Eastern Europe