Am I crazy?

I'm currently interviewing for a number of roles

  • Strong middlemarket investment bank

  • Analyst at a boutique PE shop

  • High Yield Research associate analyst at a fairly large asset manager

-Strategy and development analyst at a rapid growth healthcare startup in my city

I know myself pretty well and know that I'd enjoy the strategy role the most. It would allow me to exercise more of my strengths than the other roles. However, all in comp would likely be around $80-90k, and I'm not sure of exit opps.

Would it be short-sighted to go for the strategy role? My ultimate career goal is to land a deal team role at a small VC shop in my city that also focuses on healthcare and healthcare tech.

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Sep 14, 2021 - 7:23pm

Error beatae eveniet fuga nesciunt. Praesentium ab ut omnis inventore beatae et.

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