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Have a 2nd round interview with them later this week. If anyone has insights into this position, it would be helpful. Thanks!

The Analyst will play an integral role in working with Disney's internal business partners and with the goal of managing foreign currency risk, establishing and enhancing risk management procedures, managing counterparty risk, and optimizing Treasury services to the Company's international business units. Specific responsibilities include: Work closely and consult with Disney's global business units in order to identify, quantify and aggregate the Company's foreign exchange risk and to assess the related impacts to the company. Assist the Manager, and/or Director of Foreign Exchange in the quantification of the foreign currency risks throughout the Company, and in the development and implementation of tactics to manage those risks. Measure the effectiveness of the Group's risk management program, the impact on the Company's financial statements, and implement strategies to improve future effectiveness. Responsible for and will maintain internal hedge contracts in the risk management system for each of the global business units in order to enable accounting entries designed to mitigate currency risk for all business units Monitor the group's exposure to financial counterparties and assist in developing models and strategies to mitigate the Company's risk to those counterparties Perform analysis to enhance current risk management practices, and help develop risk mitigations strategies for new exposures.

Basic Qualifications
A variety of backgrounds will be considered for this position. Must possess an interest in global financial markets; Strong problem solving skills, ability to think critically, and strong communication skills; Extracurricular activities to demonstrate interpersonal skills and leadership potential Strong problem solving skills; ability to think critically and analyze complex multi-faceted issues. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; demonstrated leadership potential. 2 years of relevant work experience is preferred.
Required Education
A Bachelor's degree with coursework in areas requiring both quantitative and qualitative skills is required.

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OP- I can't offer any advice other than the basics: be personable, work hard, and have a good time.

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