Any positive exp with gobuyside?

Someone from gobuyside recently got in touch with me for a role that's def very interesting to me, and so I am throwing my hat in. Browsed through the forum and noticed that hardly anyone had chimed in with a positive view of gobuyside ergo I created this thread to see if anyone has had positive exp with them.

A couple of things I've noticed already:
- they are slow at responding to emails
- seems as if a bunch of recent undergrad Graduates (who according to Glassdoor churn out frequently) with no clear view as to if someone is taking the responsibility with the client

Cheers all

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Aug 21, 2019 - 12:05pm

I have not had any luck with roles they have posted for so I can't speak to their effectiveness. My interaction with most recruiters has come down to the following:

1) Outreach regarding a certain role that I may be a fit for
2) Initial discussion on my background and my interest in the role
3) Recruiter mentions they will put my resume in front of the hiring manager
4) ....Silence

Rinse wash repeat for 90% of the recruiter lead process I have been involved in.

I actually found the most success applying to roles that the firm posted online (which I found from LinkedIn or to name a few outlets).

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Aug 21, 2019 - 12:14pm

By recruiters, did you mean "gobuyside" recruiters or just all? I would get in touch too but the firm doesn't have a website (secret family office) and I don't know much apart from what gobuyside has shared with me. I could reach out to one person whom gobuyside mentioned in the email to me as I found her LinkedIn profile, but think that may not be a good idea...

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Aug 21, 2019 - 12:25pm

I meant both all, including gobuyside.

Outside of one recruiter who was tremendously helpful to me in the past, I would always recommend people to explore other avenues if possible instead of the recruiter. I say that not to besmirch recruiters, but just that my past experiences (and other people I know as well) has informed my opinion.

Since it is family office, in this instance you will probably have to work with the recruiter. Do not reach out to the person gobuyside mentioned in the email (you are correct that this is not a good idea). I actually did this one time for a role a recruiter reached out to me for and followed up a few times with recruiter before I reached out to an individual at the investment team for the role. Oddly enough, I got an interview and was floated an offer but was thrown off by certain aspects of the firm that precluded me for taking the offer.

There have been threads raised in the past about the effectiveness of GoBuySide with the general consensus being something along the lines of: "I'm think they must be effective given the quality of roles they recruit for, but I have had either limited or no luck with them."

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Aug 21, 2019 - 12:17pm

I have mixed feelings. I ended up with several interviews, so it worked as intended, but the experience wasn't great.

The initial contact personnel were pretty uninformed, and when I told them I accepted another offer one of their senior personnel called me personally to tell me I'd made a mistake and to keep pushing a role. They also asked weird screening questions like what your parents did for a living.

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