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Can anyone share best practices when it comes to applying to new jobs? I'm only 5 months into my first year and I really do like my position, but obviously want to be keeping options open.For example, I see a position on LinkedIn that might be my dream job in terms of location and role (development) - should I be wary of sending out apps? Especially considering this specific company is a direct competitor. Just wondering how often everyone here is actually sending out applications/responding to recruiters. Is there risk that someone at the other company would mention something to my own?

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Nov 18, 2021 - 10:05am

So here is my personal thoughts on this (and I realize others have different views, and this is a very YMMV type of topic)

- I would only apply for positions (or tell people I am actually actively looking) when I am very intent on moving/jumping jobs, if you are "always" on the market (applying, asking about roles at people's firms, etc.) you totally loose the ability to be "hunted/pursued" by the other firm... plus... do you really want to be interviewing all the time?

- Worse, if it becomes clear you aren't that serious about it (like when you talk to the HR person or first screener at a place you apply), you may get taken less seriously in the future (this is often a real risk, but possible)

- What you should do is keep an open and expanding network, make sure people know where you are, what you do etc. Keeping a very up to date, complete, accurate, and keyword laden LinkedIn is necessary to get scanned by HR firms and headhunters. 

- When you do need/want to jump, you really only should do when it is for very strategic purposes.. meaning better role/title/firm/pay and hopefully all of the above or at least most of the above... laterals are enticing, but sometimes suboptimal in the long-run. TBH, nothing about your post (or just being 5 months in to a first year) suggests this is a move of strategic design, sounds like a mix of boredom and curiosity

I will say, some probably like to take the opposite view and say... "no harm in applying"... and I won't say they are totally wrong, and yes that strategy can sometimes yield some great results, it's not how I personally would play the game, and I see more risk than benefit (people really underestimate the value of strategic patience in making career moves IMHO, especially at junior levels). If you really see a legit "dream job" (maybe this one is you reference)... perhaps you should apply... I would see if you can soft contact/network with someone there first to make sure its all you think it is and see if your application would be well received or not (if this not practical, I guess you could apply under the "YOLO" theory, I wouldn't blame you!)

Final point, unless you are like spending tons of time and applying everywhere, this getting back to your employer is not that likely, firms would be mega stupid to disclose who has applied and could even face legal issues if they "Rat" you out. Still, it's not zero risk, so I would only apply when really really worth it, but this fear is overblown I think. 

Nov 18, 2021 - 11:28am

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