Banana Token for WSO? Crypto fun?

Dearest WSO Primates -- had some friends over this weekend and the conversation naturally drifted toward crypto. 

One of them mentioned and how it's a crypto-currency (really a token) on the ETH blockchain and how it allows creators to easily mint their own tokens on top of it -- ie WSO would be able to create "Bananas" that actually have some monetary value and use that within the community to reward certain behaviors, etc.

I think rally specifically is used more for streamers/gamers to help reward fans, so TBD if the API they have would be a ton of work to make sure that it didn't get abused, but I could see this be a really fun way to reward the most active members in the community.

Any thoughts or anyone familiar with the Rally network or any of these other community type tokens?  I figured some of you are likely much more educated on this stuff than I am.

Thank you!


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Apr 26, 2021 - 4:23pm

If you're actually serious, you probably shouldn't do it this way. Eth has a shit load in fees at the moment for any transfer ($40-50 usually) because the network is backed up, so the coin would be tough to use. You could make a quick community token on Binance Smart chain or Neo or something that does the same shit.

Also, when you say community token do you mean you want to literally use it on WSO? Because if so you should look into the old bitcoin talk tipping bots, where someone links an address and they can get tipped in crypto. Honestly, you should just make a SafeMoon fork and call it banana and see what happens. Probably get a shit load of press to it too, I could see the finmeme pages hopping on board for the fuck of it. 


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Apr 26, 2021 - 4:54pm

yeah, this is why I posted here - knew someone more knowledgeable would appear.  Able to do a call? 

ideally I'd be able to use the token in the community to reward various actions, so ideally some sort of network that had a good API?  That's kind of why I brought up  ...seems like it was kind of built for something like this...

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