Best path to move to NYC, LDN from Tokyo

Hi, I'm gonna start as a sales analyst of cross asset solution of big BB in Tokyo (think GS, MS, JPM). 

My main goal is moving to global financial center from Tokyo. I wanna know what's the best path to do that.

Currently I am thinking that Sales (Tokyo) > Top MBA > Sales Associate hiring (NYC or LDN).

However, I also found out that there is only few BBs have post MBA S&T associate program and more graduate programs around primary side. So my another option is that Sales (Tokyo) > Capital Markets (Tokyo) > MBA > MBA associate (NYC or LDN).

I am not sure which path is better or letting me know if there is another way.

I am not considering internal lateral, because it tend to be only a few years of "training in NYC".

thank you :)

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Jan 10, 2022 - 9:47am

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