Breaking into ALM/Treasury

Hi all,

Long time reader but first time posting so looking for some advice. I'm only two years removed from graduating from a top 30-40 school with an undergrad in finance and currently studying for L2 of the CFA, (sitting in December since it was postponed) while working on the corporate bank side of a large IB firm in an ops function unrelated to finance. I graduated top 15% from my class with GPA above 3.75 but never really committed to the recruiting process which is why I ended up in a BO ops role.

I am extremely interested in moving into the treasury space and specifically ALM and wanted to see if anybody had any knowledge of how hard of a career move this will be and/or if they had any recommendations on best networking strategies. My fear is staying too long on the ops side will eventually lead to me being labeled as such and prevent future career moves. I was planning on waiting until I passed L2 and L3 before I moved roles but would consider an earlier move if one became available. I'm not worried about the technical aspects of the role but rather competing with campus recruiting, with people with experience in a treasury setting, etc.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Nov 20, 2021 - 10:06pm

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