Breaking into the Real Estate industry

Hey all,

I have always loved real estate and I worked for a year as a commercial broker out of college before trying my hand at being a financial representative selling insurance and investment products and the last 3 years doing project management and sales for a commercial flooring company.

As I progressed I have become more and more infatuated with the development and ownership side of real estate as I'm sure most people are. I have talked to a number of family friends that are developers for their input and they all seem to tell me to look into an acquisitions role as my personal traits are more centered around networking and talking to people and combine that with my degree in finance.

My parents (who given dont know much about the inner workings of real estate being doctors) believe I should go after more of a property management role.

Long story short I am seeking guidance as to what roles I should really be looking into that have a low barrier of entry due to my lack of experience in real estate/finance that would serve as a good foundation to build towards my end goal?


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Oct 8, 2018

In my opinion breaking in via brokerage is something to consider. You can learn the financial components on the side with books and CCIM while gaining great exposure to the industry and how transactions work. I think brokerage will also enable you to learn the market and what your specific market needs in regards to product type. I would also tell you to be more confident in the skill set you have been able to build so far.. having a strong financial background is a BIG deal but everything you have done so far will be applicable in some way or another.

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Oct 9, 2018