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Hey Friends,
Quick question as I think it is important to pick everyone's brains here. If you look at a company focused on offering social media and customer engagement services, from a strategic standpoint, how would you look at some of the business levers/drivers for the company?
From an operating standpoint, as marketing expense is to SaaS for new markets, how would you view the equivalent of CAC and ARPU to this type of business?

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May 14, 2019 - 12:02pm

Hey 512Finance, sorry about the delay, but are any of these useful:

  • Intuitive Explanation of The Levered Beta Formula Levered Beta, commonly referred to as "equity beta", is the beta of a firm with ... financial leverage. The levered beta of a firm is different than the unlevered beta as it changes in ... positive correlation with the amount of debt a firm has in its financial structure. Levered Beta Formula ...
  • Levered vs. Unlevered Free Cash Flow Difference for DCF 's and when are you supposed to use levered FCFs? What is Free Cash Flow? Free cash flow ... is a measure of how much money is available to investors through the operations of the business after ... accounting for expenses of the business such as operational expenses and capital expenditures. Why do we add ...
  • Corporate Strategy vs Corporate Development Corporate Development vs Corporate Strategy I'm considering both corporate strategy and corp dev. If ... described as an internal M&A team. Pay and lifestyle in corp dev are similar to corporate strategy, so ... between the two? Corporate strategy groups are like an internal consulting group, they ad
  • Corporate Development: My Experiences and Background Corporate Dev M&A- One of the core responsibilities of Corp Dev is to drive and manage the acquisition ... a Corporate Development / Strategy Job Almost our entire team is comprised of burnt out bankers (junior and ... 2008, my entire group had been right-sized (I got canned in the third round of layoffs). corporate ...
  • Levered Free Cash Flow Calculation Free Cash Flow to Firm, but discount it with the WACC (Levered)? Preparing for Investment Banking ... What do you do with the principle part of an amortizing bond when calculating levered free cash ... textbook says "If there are mandatory repayments of debt, then some analysts utilize levered free cash ...
  • DCF Analysis: Why do we use an unlevered Free Cash Flow to Firm, but discount it with the WACC (Levered)? understand why we are using something levered to discount something unlevered! ...
  • FCF to firm / FCF to equity / Unlevered FCF / Levered FCF Hello! I was wondering the difference between FCF to firm / FCF to equity / Unlevered FCF ... / Levered FCF. I know Unlevered FCF = EBITDA- Taxes- Changes in Working Cap- Capex and Levered FCF is the ... same but you take out the interests this time. But what about FCF to Firm and FCF to Equity? How do ...
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Hope that helps.

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