Business/Finance and Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning roles

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Hello everyone! For the past year I've been doing my MiM in a Target uni in Europe. However, I realized that Strategy Consulting or IB is not necessarily for me.

I realized that I like coding and Machine Learning was something I found fascinating. So this summer instead of an internship I am doing an online program from a reputable university on Advanced data analytics and Machine Learning.

While I certainly got some new skills, in no way I think that my coding / algorithm applying skills are on par with a ML engineer. That being said, I would love to find a position or a place where my business skills and my ML skills could be used synergistically. And although , I see that there is a huge gap between what ML engineers can do and what business people believe they can do, I don't specifically know, where should I target to leverage that "both sides understanding".

Any advice or insight from inside the industry would be extremely valuable. Thank you!