Can someone please explain the current recruiting timeline for ALL BBs and top banks for undergrads? (2020 summer+return)

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I am a freshman girl at Penn. I hear a lot about how recruiting has been pushed up to Sophomore Spring, but I hear a lot of very different things about different companies. My GPA currently is concerning due to some events this year and I was hoping to push it up this summer and in Sophomore year.

I also attended some info sessions; I was confused because many banks (Barcap etc) said they still do junior fall. Could someone who is directly involved in recruiting (i.e. is currently recruiting, is a recruiter etc) please clear the air for all finance jobs, when deadlines are for different programs, and if any programs recruit in junior year anymore? I am hoping to be able to send my GPA after sophomore Spring for at least some programs, but if this is not possible at all I would at least like to prepare accordingly. Thank you!

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May 11, 2018