Can you apply for internship if you are an analyst

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I just completed a 5-month IB (M&A) internship and got offered to continue as a full-time analyst, starting in fall of 2018.

I recently completed my bachelor degree and would like to work during the upcoming semester and apply for a masters program abroad (in other words, keep a 1-year break from studies and gain working experience). Thus I would like to accept the full-time position.

The bank is one of the four big banks in Sweden. However, my goal is to work with IB in London at a BB bank. Since one of the most natural ways to land a job at a BB bank is to first complete an internship at a BB bank, my questions is this: Can I apply for an internship at a BB bank if I am already working as an full-time analyst? Or what angle should I play to increase my chances?

Happy to get your insights.

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Aug 2, 2018