Career Advice: Take GTS job or not at BB?

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I'm 26 yrs old, starting my way to enter a financial institution and make a career out of it (previous years I focused on starting a credit institution which my partners and I sold to a group of investors).

We generated good profits, learned a lot and we got to travel and live comfortably; but it turns out that now that I need to search for a job, it is not relevant experience when trying to join IBD or Trading and I feel like I fell behind from my classmates who sticked to a job and that kind of gets to me and my decisions.
I'm determined to make my way up even though I have to start as an SA.

Right now I got an SA offer from a BB to join their GTB department (Global Transactional Banking) when I was applying for IBD or a Trading position. I want to know if GTB is a good career path (taking into account work-life balance and comp). I want to focus on the job that i land for the long run, and GTB sounds interesting but Im not sure 100%.

Make enough $ to pursue MBA at 28 yrs old.
Land Associate level in Corporate and Investment Banking (not ruling out GTB)

I'll appreciate any comments and suggestions.

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Sep 6, 2018