Career change from Public Accounting to Finance, advice?

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Hi all, this is my first thread. Really need some advice on a career change from accounting to finance. Please help. :))

Here's a little background about myself.
M.A. (Economics) from top 30 university. GPA 3.5
CPA license, CFA Level II passed.
2 years in public accounting and 1 year in a real estate investment company as accountant...
I live in Southern California. I'll move to the north if necessary.

*I don't hate accounting. But I major in Math/Econ. It was really an accident where I ended up. It was my mistake I didn't plan it well. *

I've been applying jobs for the past few days, for financial analyst roles. Some companies contacted me asking if I want to work for their accounting department...I DON'T. :))

Please, all the smart and nice people out there. Please give some career advice on this career switch. What's my best strategy now? Where should I land?

Corporate FP&A; valuation/advisory from accounting firms; research/analyst from wealth management... These are the areas I've been exploring...What do you think is my best shot?
I know it's all about personal interest. But I also need a realistic evaluation about my qualifications.

I heard two things from recruiters: 1. start fresh from finance department as jr. 2. get a job in accounting department then transfer to FP&A. What do you think?

Thank you!!!!!

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Aug 23, 2018

One guy in our group did Audit > TAS > CD> IB. I think this would be the good path to follow.

Sep 3, 2018

Agree with @kingkang , I look almost an identical path but the price to pay was around 5 years before I got into BB sector team

Perhaps one way to look at it is that it really depends what you're looking for, i.e how important is that banking exprience to your subsequent move (if any)

Sep 4, 2018
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