CFA candidate looking for entry-level finance job

I'm a level 1 CFA candidate writing in Dec 2017, I'm currently working in the government out of undergrad and am looking to break into the finance world. I really want to get into finance as soon as possible. Money isn't really my main concern right now as I think its more important to get my foot in the door somewhere. Whats my best route? I didn't go to a one of the top schools but I happily tote my Econ degree. I'm confident I'll pass level 1 on my first try (I've been studying since March). Is it smart to start applying places after level 1 or is that too ambitious? Ideally I would like to be an equity analyst. I'm obviously not experienced enough to walk into an equity analyst position right now so what would be a good entry-level position that would put me on that path?

Also, any CFA tips are always appreciated as well as personal accounts post level 1.

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Comments (2)

Jun 20, 2017

Studying since March?? You are going to burn out...4-6months is the sweet spot.

Jun 20, 2017