Cold Emailing - how do I find emails

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I finished up my freshman year at a non-target with a 3.3 gpa. I know I will need to really amp up my networking to help me get a summer analyst position after junior year. I have a fp&a internship at a regional bank this summer, so that will be helpful. I plan on trying to network as much as possible this summer since recruiting is so early now. I live in the tri-state area (NJ,NY,CT) and I plan on trying to get some coffee chats in NYC in august. How do I obtain the emails of the people I want to meet with? (I believe cold emailing will work better than linkedin messenger) Is there a style banks use (i.e. [email protected])?

Also, what are the thoughts on going to Chicago in the fall for more coffee chats? -I go to school in the midwest