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I am curious what you think comp would be for an Assistant Project Manager at a RE Development company in NYC. I am trying to figure out what to ask for when negotiating my salary, and it really is tough to find data to inform my decision here since this is such a niche section of the industry.

My duties are basically to help out with anything that the project managers need, varies from asset management and coordination with vendors like architects/engineers/property mgmt to due diligence and basic underwriting type tasks. Because the company is so small I get exposed to a pretty wide set of duties - pretty much a crash course in Development. *everyone at the junior level in my company is called and APM, its not like we have 'Analysts' or any other roles for recent grads

Company is new and very small, but from my understanding they are connected/well regarded. Tons of projects recently and rapidly expanding/hiring new people.

Me: graduated 2017, 1 year industry experience, very good/top tier private college but not ivy league or equivalent

Grateful for anyone's input here!

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Mar 9, 2019